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Wes Gamble weyus at att.net
Thu Sep 21 01:39:01 EDT 2006

I asked on the fxruby list about the problem I'm having installing the 
1.6.2 fxruby gem for Windows (I get a 404 error when I choose 1.6.2 for 
win32) and I got the response below.

Is there anyone out there who has verified that the fxruby 1.6.2 gem may 
be installed successfully?


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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. I'm the person who built the gems,
and I uploaded them to the FXRuby project page at RubyForge.

The bit that I don't have control over is whatever process it is on
RubyForge that takes the gems that I uploaded to the FXRuby project page and
makes them available to you when you type "gem install fxruby". I think
someone like Tom Copeland (at RubyForge) would be the person to check with
on that. I suspect that the problem has to do with the fact that there are
two different 1.6.2 gems for Windows: one built for Ruby 1.8.4 and one built
for Ruby 1.8.5. But I don't know what (if anything) I need to do to fix that.
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