[Rubygems-developers] Adjusting Shebang in gem files

Jim Freeze rubygems at freeze.org
Wed Sep 20 10:11:33 EDT 2006

Hello all:

I am working on a patch to rubygems that allows the user
to specify a shebang that is valid for a heterogeneous installation
of gems (multi OS env). Basically, this means that the path to ruby is
not specified explicitly in the shebang, but is set to:

   #!/usr/bin/env ruby

Typically this will be used in an environment that is running
BSD, Linux, HP, Solaris and other unices. (Not sure how
windows would respond.)

My question is how do you want to have this option
activated? Do I make this the default? Do I add a
flag to the install option? If so, what?

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Jim Freeze

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