[Rubygems-developers] Good practices to freeze gems ? (outside rails)

Thibaut Barrère thibaut.barrere at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 03:23:23 EST 2006


I think it's my first post here, so hello! I've been looking for a
rubygems-users list but could not find it - so I'm not sure it's appropriate
to post that kind of questions here...

I'm working with some ruby scripts stored under subversion. Some of those
scripts requires gems (like the builder gem for instance, or activerecord).
I'd like to avoid to have to run 'gem install builder' on each developer
machine, in order to rely solely on what is in subversion.

For that purpose I've unpacked the required gems in a version-controlled

Is there a preferred way of telling the gems loader to include all the
unpacked gems available in this folder ? (while keeping the "require
'builder'" statement working ?)

best regards and thanks for rubygems!

Thibaut Barrère
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