[Rubygems-developers] Feature Request: RubyGems namespace

Dae San Hwang daesan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 16:46:12 EST 2006


Recently, I was thinking about a better way of implementing Rails  
plugin system. There are two things that I don't particularly like  
about Rails plugin system. One is the code duplication. You have to  
install same plugin codes over and over for all of your Rails  
applications. The other problem is that you have to learn to use yet  
another utility(script/plugin) and its repository is not centrally  

So, I was thinking if RubyGems have a namespace built in, we could  
make all Rails Plugins into gems under 'rails' namespace.

To install 'active_form' Rails plugin on the system, you could simply  
use 'gem' utility like 'gem install rails/active_form'. To use this  
plugin in a rails application, you could just turn on the plugin in  
'config/environment.rb' file by setting 'config.plugins =  
[:ujs, :active_form]'.

I think namespace functionality can be useful for other ruby  
applications/libraries like 'rake', as well. Can this be considered? :)

Dae San Hwang
daesan at gmail.com

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