[Rubygems-developers] Ignoring mswin32 gems

Morten lists at kikobu.com
Sun May 28 10:19:58 EDT 2006


I have the mysql 2.7 gem installed on my Linux box:

[root at machine ~]# gem list mysql

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

mysql (2.7)
     MySQL/Ruby provides the same functions for Ruby programs that the
     MySQL C API provides for C programs.

If I do a 'gem update' however, gem picks up updates for mswin32 as 
being more recent that my current:

[root at machine ~]# gem update mysql
Upgrading installed gems...
Attempting remote upgrade of mysql
Attempting remote installation of 'mysql'
Select which gem to install for your platform (x86_64-linux)
  1. mysql 2.7.2006.05.10 (mswin32)
  2. mysql 2.7.2006.04.21 (mswin32)
  3. mysql 2.7 (ruby)
  4. mysql 2.6 (ruby)
  5. mysql 2.5.1 (ruby)
  6. Cancel installation

This is annoying as it means I have to update mysql each time I do a 
"gem update" (which in turn means I need to remember to "gem update -- 

Any way to tell gem that I want it to disregard mswin32 gems?



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