[Rubygems-developers] Fwd: Getting ready for release 0.9.0

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Jun 8 15:21:37 EDT 2006

Patrick May wrote:
> Jim,
> I'm forwarding this b/c I didn't see my message get through to the 
> ruby-gems list, and it looks like this thread is spinning out of control.
> A single method #lib_filename (listed below) makes it easy to store 
> resources relative to the source file, i.e. in the gem.  I don't see why 
> there is a need to worry about an additional 'data' silo that has to be 
> kept in sync with the 'gem' silo.

Thanks for the feedback.  We are not actually keeping a data silo that 
is separate from the gem data.  When installed as a gem, the data is in 
the gem directory.

When installed with setup.rb, the data is stored in whatever setup.rb 
will put it.  The key is to make sure the app code does not care where 
it comes from.

The only problem with your suggestion that I see, is that if the code 
base is repackaged as an RPM or Debian package, it will not be getting 
the data from the proper area (a lot of these packages have strong rules 
on what goes where in the file system).  RubyGems has made a firm 
commitment to be repackager friendly, so I am trying to avoid these 
potential problems.

-- Jim Weirich

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