[Rubygems-developers] GemSpec-problem

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Jun 1 07:03:09 EDT 2006

Ola Bini wrote:
> Hi
> I'm currently working on RbYAML (a pure Ruby YAML parser and emitter),
> and the Gems Source Index is a pretty good test. But I found an entry
> which seems to be an error from the YAML point of view. The
> description-element for the package 'ruby-extra' begins with a
> c-reserved characater (a ` with ascii code 96). According to
> http://yaml.org/spec/current.html#id2535812 example 4.9 and 4.10, this
> character cannot start a plain scalar. I'm currently not sure how Syck
> YAML handles this case, but for future portability it would be good to
> take a look at it.

All the yaml form of the gem specs are generated via the to_yaml method 
provided by the yaml package.  If there is an incompatibility, it is in 
Ruby's yaml package itself.

Perhaps this is a issue to be taken up with the Why.

BTW, I just round-tripped the gemspec under question with to_yaml and 
YAML.load and syck seemed to handle it fine.  But I know there are other 
round trip issues with the yaml support at the moment so it would be 
good to have Why look at this as well.

Thanks for the heads up

-- Jim Weirich

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