[Rubygems-developers] installing ruby gems on Mac OS X with ruby 1.8.4

Anne G anne at wjh.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 30 08:43:26 EDT 2006

Mac OS X upgraded to 10.4.7 on Thursday
(so it uses gcc4...), ruby 1.8.4

I also changed profile to try to install gnome

don't know if that is contributing.


I tried to install the gettext gem,

got the message that it could not find gem. gem install
used to work fine, what happened?.

Went about uninstalling the darwin port gems then
reinstalled darwinport gems.

sudo gem install gettext
`require__': no such file to load -- zlib (LoadError)

I installed zlib 1.2.3 from source
then I saw the darwinport install, but says zlib is

dowloaded ruby 1.8.4 source
followed instructions at
anne-g:~/Desktop/ruby-1.8.4/ext/zlib anne$ ruby extconf.rb
checking for deflateReset() in -lz... no
checking for deflateReset() in -llibz... no
checking for deflateReset() in -lzlib... no
*** extconf.rb failed ***

I have seen pages about this, but they talk about debian to
load zlibc, zlib1g, zlib1g-dev but I don't think debian
works with OS X.

easy find did not find deflateReset on my mac.

what next?

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