[Rubygems-developers] balloon needs...

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Sun Jul 9 12:23:35 EDT 2006

On Jul 8, 2006, at 8:12 PM, why the lucky stiff wrote:

> So, we didn't get much of a chance to talk about RubyGems at  
> RailsConf, which makes
> me oft dismayed.  I've done a bit of hacking which I think would  
> benefit
> RubyGems.  Most of it can be seen in this script:
>   <http://balloon.hobix.com/lib/balloon.rb>
> I know you're all extreeeeemely busy, so I'll keep this pointed.   
> Are you
> intrested in any of these changes?  If so, I'm willing to check  
> these in myself.
> Or formulate a patch, if that's what you'd rather.
> (Really, I'd also like to start conquering some of Mauricio's list.)
> * rubygems/open-uri conflicts with open-uri.  i'd like to fix.
>   (balloon.rb: 52-59)
> * ExtExtConfBuilder would probably be better off overriding INSTALL,
>   INSTALL_PROG, and INSTALL_DATA to use `ruby -run -e install` in  
> situations
>   where the user is installing within their home directory.   
> otherwise,
>   extensions fail to install because `install` tries to chmod/chgrp  
> to root.
>   (balloon.rb: 61-72)
> * would it be okay to flesh out the `loaded_specs` API so everyone  
> can read
>   from it?  50% of the stuff I work on has this is in it:
>     class << Gem; attr_accessor :loaded_specs end
> * After calling RemoteInstaller#install, I clear the source_index  
> in order for
>   it pick up the change.  I use Gem.use_paths again to do this.  Is  
> this
>   intentional?
>   (balloon.rb: 78-80, 140)
> * It would be nice if there were a blessed way to unload RubyGems,  
> for libraries
>   which happen to run under RUBYOPT="-rubygems".
>   (balloon.rb: 3-12)
> Beyond that, if I'm wrong about any of this (or being too  
> hackywise,) please
> correct me.  Ultimately, I just want to be able to manage Gem  
> repositories aside
> from the formally installed one.  (~/.balloon in this case.)
> V. good, sweet amigos,

Personally I'm cool with all of this, though I'll wait for Jim to  
respond since he's been putting all of the time into RubyGems  
lately.  The one area that might be good to get your input on is the  
new, not-yet-started, remote/local installer unification that Jim has  
brewing.  That may affect or be affected by the stuff you're doing.

Over and out for now.


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