[Rubygems-developers] balloon needs...

why the lucky stiff rubygems-dev at whytheluckystiff.net
Sat Jul 8 22:12:38 EDT 2006

So, we didn't get much of a chance to talk about RubyGems at RailsConf, which makes
me oft dismayed.  I've done a bit of hacking which I think would benefit
RubyGems.  Most of it can be seen in this script:


I know you're all extreeeeemely busy, so I'll keep this pointed.  Are you
intrested in any of these changes?  If so, I'm willing to check these in myself.
Or formulate a patch, if that's what you'd rather.
(Really, I'd also like to start conquering some of Mauricio's list.)

* rubygems/open-uri conflicts with open-uri.  i'd like to fix.
  (balloon.rb: 52-59)

* ExtExtConfBuilder would probably be better off overriding INSTALL,
  INSTALL_PROG, and INSTALL_DATA to use `ruby -run -e install` in situations
  where the user is installing within their home directory.  otherwise,
  extensions fail to install because `install` tries to chmod/chgrp to root.
  (balloon.rb: 61-72)

* would it be okay to flesh out the `loaded_specs` API so everyone can read
  from it?  50% of the stuff I work on has this is in it:

    class << Gem; attr_accessor :loaded_specs end

* After calling RemoteInstaller#install, I clear the source_index in order for
  it pick up the change.  I use Gem.use_paths again to do this.  Is this
  (balloon.rb: 78-80, 140)

* It would be nice if there were a blessed way to unload RubyGems, for libraries
  which happen to run under RUBYOPT="-rubygems".
  (balloon.rb: 3-12)

Beyond that, if I'm wrong about any of this (or being too hackywise,) please
correct me.  Ultimately, I just want to be able to manage Gem repositories aside
from the formally installed one.  (~/.balloon in this case.)

V. good, sweet amigos,


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