[Rubygems-developers] Understanding new RubyGem 0.9 output

Wes Gamble weyus at att.net
Mon Jul 3 15:37:05 EDT 2006

Jim Weirich wrote:

> The synchronization process takes time.  One of of the problems with 
> the 0.8.x RubyGems series was that the synchronization could take a 
> LONG time without any feedback on progress.  The feedback provided by 
> 0.9.0 is good, but I agree that the message needs tweeking.
> I'm thinking of something along the lines of:
>    Synchronizing repository: xxx items out of date
> That avoids the word "gem" so there won't be any confusion there.  It 
> also make it clear this action is related to the repository.
> Good feedback.  Thanks.


I have to be a pest, but I would suggest that the message be tweaked so 
that it's clear that the xxx items out of date are not necessarily the 
user's currently installed gems.  xxx items out of date means that the 
local "overall table of contents" is out of date with respect to the 
master "overall table of contents" (if I understand correctly).  But 
none of those xxx items that are "out of date" may be gems that the user 
has installed. 

I would also suggest that it be made clear that it's the table of 
contents that is being synchronized, not the gems themselves.  
"Synchronizing repository" is too generic a term in my view.

Sorry to be so picky, but people will interpret these messages without 
knowing anything about how 0.9.0 is somehow "smarter" than the versions 
before it.  In fact, I assumed that the updates were incremental to 
begin with, so there's no way that I would ever have known how to 
interpret that message, which is why I've written all these emails :).


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