[Rubygems-developers] gem2rpm script

Gil gil at fooplanet.com
Mon Jul 3 15:35:53 EDT 2006

Yesterday I hacked together a script that takes a gem file and
builds an rpm out of it.  I did it because I manage a pile of
servers and they already have rpm-based auto-update, freshness
checks, and a network-local repository.  I didn't want to
reimplement and monitor all of that for gems and to be honest I
don't feel comfortable with multiple package managers running around
lights-out systems.

I think my implementation is cheating a little bit because the RPM
folks go on and on about pristine sources and all and I'm just
starting from the gem.  However, the script seemed to build gems for
rake, rails etc and will make my life much easier in administering
said machines.

The script lives here:


Some questions/comments for the list:

  - Would this approach yield a tool that's useful to anyone but me?

  - I couldn't find it anywhere, but does 'gem' scribble in a
    manifest or similar when it installs packages?

  - Is there a way I can wholesale disable remote upates/queries
    short of blowing away the sources gem?

  - In order to extract dependency requirement information I did

    class Gem::Version::Requirement
      attr_reader :requirements

    I'm not happy with doing this but it seemed like the only way to
    go about the getting the version requirements from the gem
    metadata without actually parsing the result of as_list.

    Is there a better way to do this?

  - gem appeared to place the wrapper scripts in different
    directories when running with uid = 0 than under another uid.  I
    don't build rpms as root so this meant that I couldn't get the
    wrappers into $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/bin without moving them
    myself.  Is there a better way to get gem to pretend that an
    unusual directory is the root of the filesystem (like make
    DESTDIR=foo install usually does)?

  - RPM has several fields that GEM doesn't appear to have including
    BuildArch, License, and Group.  Group appears to be an RPM thing
    so I expect it to be missing.  Did I overlook some way to
    get at the other two?

  - I'm unhappy with the contents of the changelog since the rpm
    changelog usually reflects the packaging history rather than the
    actual package history.  Implementing something else seemed like
    it would cost more than it was worth.  Anyone have any better

  - Some Linux distributions have an idea of prefixing or suffixing
    package names based on the language they come from, usually when
    the thing being packaged is a library.  For example, Fedora has
    names like perl-Compress-Zlib for the Compres::Zlib perl
    library.  Is anyone aware of such a convention for ruby packages
    other than just "ruby-"?

  - I couldn't find any easy way of extracting package metadata
    concerning rubygems itself prior to having rake installed.  Even
    then, the data mostly concerned the update package rather than
    rubygems proper.

Thanks for your time and any help,


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