[Rubygems-developers] Understanding new RubyGem 0.9 output

Wes Gamble weyus at att.net
Mon Jul 3 14:36:52 EDT 2006


Thanks.  But the bottom line is - it's giving me information about the 
repository _in general_, not information that pertains to _my_ 
collection of gems.

Is this correct?

I still don't know what it means.  Does it mean that 21 gems were 
somehow modified in the repository since the last time I ran the gem 
command?  If that's what it means, I don't think it makes a lot of sense 
to show this message "Need to update xxx gems..." unless it's qualified 
to be very clear that this is a message about the internal state of the 
gem command execution context and has nothing to do with the end user's 
local repository of gems.  I'm not sure I need to see detailed internal 
synchronization messages for the "gem" application.

Having said that, I won't worry any more when I see the message :).


John Gabriele wrote:

>On 7/3/06, Wes Gamble <weyus at att.net> wrote:
>>Can you explain this more?  Does this mean that there are 21 gems
>>available on RubyForge that I am simply not using?
>>Why do I care about gems that I'm not using?
>The RubyForge gem repository gets updated regularly with new and updated gems.
>When you run the gem command -- before doing anything else -- it has
>to make sure it's got a current list of all available gems. With
>previous versions of RubyGems (< 0.9.0), the gem command would have to
>download the entire current list of gems (for a given repository -- by
>default just the RubyForge one) whenever it noticed it was out of
>The current (0.9.0) gem command downloads this list incrementally.
>When it tells you that there are 21 gems available, I think it's
>partly supposed be a reassuring note to let you know that the
>repository has been significantly updated since the last time you
>checked. :)
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