[Rubygems-developers] yaml apparently invalid

Ciaran McCreesh ciaranm at ciaranm.org
Mon Dec 11 13:57:58 EST 2006

The master yaml file at [1] appears to be invalid. Specifically, the
entry for extra-1.0 has a description: key that starts with a backtick
(currently this is line 234467).

According to the yaml specification [2], around Example 4.10, "The “@”
and “`” are reserved for future use." Although some yaml parsers
currently don't have a problem with the backtick, libyaml treats it as
a fatal error.

Who would be the appropriate party to contact to get this fixed? Is it
a problem with the gem itself, or is it caused by insufficient escaping
being carried out by the library?


[1]: http://gems.rubyforge.org/yaml
[2]: http://yaml.org/spec/current.html

Ciaran McCreesh
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