[Rubygems-developers] New patch for 'gem contents' bug

Tom Pollard tomp at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 8 10:33:41 EST 2006


In rubygems 0.9.0, the 'gem contents' command is broken, in that it  
can no longer find the installed gems.  It looks like the code that  
used to fall back on the installed gem path when no directories were  
specified on the command line was replaced.  This has been broken for  
months now, and is still broken in the current code on svn.

I notice that there's a simple patch for this in the rubyforge  
bugtracker.  I have a slightly more complete patch I'd like to  
offer.  Unfortunately, I don't see any way to upload a new patch file  
to an existing case in rubyforge.  What's the right thing to do here?



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