[Rubygems-developers] RubyGems 0.9.0 introduces bug for installing source Gems

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Aug 10 14:27:42 EDT 2006

Tilman Sauerbeck wrote:
> Does nobody think this issue is important enough to actually do
> something about it (like, applying a patch and rolling 0.9.1)!?

Sorry, sometimes I need a swift kick to get things rolling.

Ok, here's what I did.

The RubyGems repository is now converted from CVS to SubVersion.  So use 
svn to pull out head.

Here are the current changes:

(1) index_gem_repository has an untested workaround for the non-ASCII 
issue in gem fields.  I'm sending a copy of the workaround to Tom to see 
if it fixes the problems they are having on RubyForge.

(2) I've included Tilman's patch to the ext lib building.  Tilman, would 
you please check to make sure it is ok.  Thanks.

(3) In package.rb, I've changed the zlib stream workaround to include 
version 1.2.1 of zlib, since at least on person has encountered the 
problem on 1.2.1.  Does anyone know if this is the problem that the 
Rails folks were having with one of their gems in this past security 

Thanks for your patience.

-- Jim Weirich

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