[Rubygems-developers] TODO

Mauricio Fernández mfp at acm.org
Wed Sep 28 19:42:45 EDT 2005


any news about the TODO? I'd appreciate any information regarding
* what is finally going to be done
* how it's going to happen --- any schedule?

So far I've been asking Austin but he doesn't seem to know for sure either.

Here follows a snippet of a message I sent to ruby-core with some references
for your convenience:

>_why proposed a list [ruby-core:5877] and further refined it in
>[ruby-core:5950]; the latter incorporated items added by Chad Fowler
>[ruby-core:5880] and Jim Weirich, who also prioritized them in
>[ruby-core:5901], without specifying the sorting criteria, though.
>Austin Ziegler created the so far most detailed list [ruby-core:5882].
>I tried to assign priorities to the latter based on the impact on
>upstream code in [ruby-core:5890]. Unfortunately, the latter was largely
>disregarded, but I'd appreciate constructive criticism.

Mauricio Fernandez

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