[Rubygems-developers] getting gems in the ruby dist

why the lucky stiff rubygems-dev at whytheluckystiff.net
Tue Sep 20 13:07:39 EDT 2005

Chad Fowler wrote:

> Fantastic news! Thanks Why! Where did this conversation take place? I 
> haven't been following -core lately, and since I haven't been 
> committing I didn't get a basecamp account set up.

We are passing messages in Basecamp.

>Most notably, I bet we'll still want to make independent faster-than-ruby-core releases, and i"m not sure of the best way to setup such a structure in Ruby's CVS.
Also, if you want to add new developers, you don't have to bug knu or shugo.

I'm just using Rake to copy files.  Rake modifies my source code to 
strip out 1.6-specific pragmas and move files into place.  I like 
keeping the extension separate so updates are available to older Ruby 


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