[Rubygems-developers] getting gems in the ruby dist

why the lucky stiff rubygems-dev at whytheluckystiff.net
Tue Sep 20 11:42:22 EDT 2005

Hey, everybody, team.  Matz has given the OK to start checking RubyGems 
into the Ruby trunk.  I'm afraid it's probably too late for 1.8.3 (which 
is due out today), but Matz has planned 1.8.4 for December.  He loves 
dropping versions on Christmas, so I'll bet he sticks to his plan.  
Whatever the case, I think we're long overdue on this.

How should we do this?  Do you want to move your repository to Ruby CVS 
or stay where you are?

Matz says either: "It's up to them. They can develop separatedly and 
check in their latests time to time, as you did for syck, or they can 
move their development on our repository."


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