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This is a bit of a newbie question (new to ruby and new to gems!), but 
having read through the comp.lang.ruby posts, and some of the digests of 
this group, I could not see a similiar question, so if there is a better 
place to ask, or a more appropriate group, please let me know, and I will 
ask there :-)

I wanted to get a better understanding of the usage of the 'autorequire' 
specification, as we saw an issue in-house with some small gems we were 
playing with, summarised as:

(gem x) has a dependancy on (gem f)  which in turn expects a constant to 
have been defined within (gem a) before it runs.

Now, the gem spec for (gem f) had an autorequire for itself (gem f) within 
it's gem spec, which caused the issue where the constant was not defined. 
Removing this line from the gem spec solved the issue.




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