[Rubygems-developers] buffer errors

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Fri Oct 7 11:51:25 EDT 2005

On 07-Oct-05, at 11:35 AM, Bill Kempf wrote:

> This is driving me nuts.  I've created some utility methods and I'm
> packaging them up for ease of distribution to multiple computers.
> Everything worked great for quite some time.  Then I updated to
> rubygems 0.8.11.  Ever since I've been having issues with "buffer
> errors".
> gem build project.gemspec works fine.  gem inst project would fail  
> with:
> Attempting local installation of 'project'
> ERROR:  Error installing gem project[.gem]: buffer error
> Interestingly, random changes to the source code of any scripts within
> the project can cause everything to work flawlessly.
> I've Googled myself to death on this one, and the closest thing I
> could find was a thread about a similar issue with installing RMagic.
> The suggested fix was to modify package.rb changing "if
> Zlib::ZLIB_VERSION < '1.2.1'" to "<=".  Running with --debug reveals
> that this change causes the location of the exception to change from
> line 615 to 611, but the exception is the same.
> Any idea what would be causing this frustrating issue and how to  
> fix it?

Bill, sorry you're being driven crazy with this one.  Let's see if we  
can figure it out.

Can you show us your "ruby -v" output?  Also, you can run:

gem inst project --backtrace

to see more information.

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