[Rubygems-developers] buffer errors

Bill Kempf wekempf at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 11:35:37 EDT 2005

This is driving me nuts.  I've created some utility methods and I'm
packaging them up for ease of distribution to multiple computers. 
Everything worked great for quite some time.  Then I updated to
rubygems 0.8.11.  Ever since I've been having issues with "buffer

gem build project.gemspec works fine.  gem inst project would fail with:

Attempting local installation of 'project'
ERROR:  Error installing gem project[.gem]: buffer error

Interestingly, random changes to the source code of any scripts within
the project can cause everything to work flawlessly.

I've Googled myself to death on this one, and the closest thing I
could find was a thread about a similar issue with installing RMagic. 
The suggested fix was to modify package.rb changing "if
Zlib::ZLIB_VERSION < '1.2.1'" to "<=".  Running with --debug reveals
that this change causes the location of the exception to change from
line 615 to 611, but the exception is the same.

Any idea what would be causing this frustrating issue and how to fix it?

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