[Rubygems-developers] ri support w/ gem rdoc install

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Sun Oct 2 09:26:01 EDT 2005

On 01-Oct-05, at 6:03 PM, John-Mason P. Shackelford wrote:

> Since ri already loads data from multiple paths why wouldn't we
> implement this by:
> * Extending ri's path handling to search the gems directories for  
> rdoc files.
> * Adding an option to rdoc to generate ri docs for a particular gem
> This would allow us to remove the docs when a gem is removed.
> Is the major concern the performance hit of searching though all the
> gem directories for the ri doc files? If so, couldn't this be
> addressed with a persisted index? The index could be updated when a
> gem is installed or removed so that it would have little performance
> impact on ri itself.
> If these are ignorant questions, forgive me. I have only just started
> looking at the rdoc/ri source.


I think it would be worth doing some performance testing, but I seem  
to remember Dave Thomas being concerned about performance when
this came up previously.  It would be wonderful to be able install/ 
uninstall ri data for gems.


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