[Rubygems-developers] gem uninstall bug

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Thu Nov 3 10:54:44 EST 2005

On 03-Nov-05, at 10:38 AM, Curt Hibbs wrote:

> Eric, on a related side note, uninstalling the rails gem will not
> uninstall all of its component gems (ActiveRecord, ActionPack, etc.).
> You probebly knew this already, but it bit me before, so I though I
> should mention it.

This one is intentional.  You might have an app that uses Rake,  
having installed Rake as part of Rails.  It would be bad to  
autouninstall Rake when Rails comes off.

That being said, DHH has requested (for this very reason) the ability  
to explicitly ask rubygems to uninstall with dependencies.  It's on  
the list.  Feel free to implement it if you have spare time :)   
Otherwise we'll get to it probably for the next release.


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