[Rubygems-developers] require issue with 0.8.10

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 20:12:35 EST 2005

Hi Guys,

The HTMLTools gem, which used to work with gems 0.8.8, now gives me
grief using gems 0.8.10 due to (I presume) a behaviour change in

I have RUBYOPT=rubygems set  on my machine (WinXP, ruby 1.8.2). I used
to be able to simply require the files I needed from the gems, e.g.:
  require 'html/tree'
which would load fine. With gems 0.8.10 it doesn't (complaining
'LoadError: No such file to load -- html/tools'). I think that's
because all files in the gem are under its lib/html directory, and all
files require other files (in the same dir) via require
So something now prevents it from picking up those files that are in
the same dir.

Changing it to: 
  require_gem 'htmltools'   # gemspec has autorequire set
(or adding the gem/lib dir to $LOAD_PATH) fixes this for me, but I was
wondering about the behaviour change.


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