[Rubygems-developers] [ANN] RubyGems 0.8.10

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Sun Mar 27 18:11:40 EST 2005

= Announce: RubyGems Release 0.8.10

Version 0.8.10 is bug fix release.  We address two bugs in this
release, one obscure and the other only slightly annoying.

In multi-user environments, it is common to supply mulitple versions
of gems (for example Rails), allowing individual users to select the
version of the gem they desire.  This allows a user to be insulated
from updates to that gem.  RubyGems 0.8.10 fixes a problem where gems
could occasionally become confused about the current versions of
libraries selected by the user.

The other annoying bug is that if there are any existing
rubygems-update gems installed, then the "gem update --system" command
will download a new udpate, but install the latest update prior to the

== What is RubyGems?

RubyGems is a package management system for Ruby applications and
libraries.  RubyGems one command download makes installing Ruby software
fun and enjoyable again. (Ok, not really.)

Many gems are available for download from the RubyForge site.  Browse
the list of gems with a "gem list --remote" command and download what
you need with a simple "gem install <name-of-gem>".  RubyGems takes care
of the details of installing, not only the gem you requested, but also
any gems needed by the software you selected.

== RubyGems Statistics

* About 230 different gems available (I say _about_ because I don't
  think "Bangkok" and "bangkok" are really different gems).
* Over 30,000 downloads of the RubyGems software
* 230,075 gem loads

If you are interested in finding out when new gems are released, I
maintain an RSS feed at http://onestepback.org/gemwatch.rss.

== How can I get RubyGems?

If you have a recent version of RubyGems (0.8.5 or later), then all
you need to do is:

  $ gem update --system   (you might need to be admin/root)

(Note: You may have to run the command twice if you have any previosly
installed rubygems-update gems).

If you have an older version of RubyGems installed, then you can still
do it in two steps:

  $ gem install rubygems-update  (again, might need to be admin/root)
  $ update_rubygems              (... here too)

If you don't have any gems install, there is still the pre-gem
approach to getting software ... doing it manually:

1. DOWNLOAD FROM: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=126
3. INSTALL WITH:  ruby setup.rb all  (you may need admin/root privilege)

== Thanks

Thanks to Tobias Luetke for reporting the problem and assisting in
tracking it down.

Keep those gems coming!

-- Jim & Chad (for the RubyGems team)

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