[Rubygems-developers] Some errors

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Wed Mar 23 14:25:54 EST 2005

Tobias Luetke said:
> I'm not familiar with gems inner working but perhaps a good approach
> to this would be
> to figure out all required libraries at the beginning, .uniq! them and
> then present a list to the user with
> things which are about to be installed asking for confirmation. This
> would cut down on the required amount of confirmations for installing
> something big like a new rails release as well.

The next *big* item on my RubyGems todo list is the Remote/Local installer
merge.  We will be reworking the installer logic based on what we have
learned over the past year.  Part of the plan is to determine the list of
require modules upfront.  Asking for a single confirmation would be an
easy thing to do in that case.

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