[Rubygems-developers] having trouble installing rubygems in non-standard dir.

Bill Guindon agorilla at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 17:20:45 EDT 2005

Running on Redhat Enterprise 4.0

Here's a map to how I'm trying to do this:

gunzip ruby-1.8.2.tar.gz
gunzip rubygems-0.8.10.tgz

export RUBYOPT=

tar -xvf ruby-1.8.2.tar
cd ruby-1.8.2
./configure --prefix=/var/www/websites/mvgo.com/
make test
make install

export GEM_HOME=/var/www/websites/mvgo.com/gems

tar -xvf rubygems-0.8.10.tar
bin/ruby rubygems-0.8.10/setup.rb config --prefix=/var/www/websites/mvgo.com/
bin/ruby rubygems-0.8.10/setup.rb setup
bin/ruby rubygems-0.8.10/setup.rb install

export RUBYOPT=rubygems
all is well until I get to the rubygems setup 'install', here's what I
end up with:

As of RubyGems 0.8.0, library stubs are no longer needed.
Searching $LOAD_PATH for stubs to optionally delete (may take a while)...
No library stubs found.

hook /var/www/websites/mvgo.com/rubygems-0.8.10/./post-install.rb failed:
No such file or directory - pkgs/sources
Try 'ruby rubygems-0.8.10/setup.rb --help' for detailed usage.

any suggestions?

Bill Guindon (aka aGorilla)

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