[Rubygems-developers] post-install/man help

Kurt V. Hindenburg ml at kurt.hindenburg.name
Sun Jun 26 19:53:20 EDT 2005

  I've been trying to create a .gem for my project xmltv2html.  I finally got 
a rubyforge.org account.  Anyway, I was using Minero Aoki's setup.rb which 
allowed me to use post-install.rb.  How does one do that in a .gem?
Also, I need the full path to the files so the user can then copy them to 
where ever.

Also, I noted that on the gem web pages it mentions a DevelopersGuide and a 
GemInTenMinutes(sp?) page.  I couldn't find either.

I was also creating a man page via 'rd2 -rrd/rd2man-lib.rb #{program} > 
#{man}xmltv2html.1'.  Does the rdoc do this automatically?


% cat post-install.rb

$stdout.print <<EOF

*************************** IMPORTANT NOTICE *************************

Copy popup.js and xmltv2html.css to the directory where your output
HTML files will be located.  Also, you will want to edit the
xmltv2htmlrc file and then use --configfile=<location of rc file>.

Installation complete!


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