[Rubygems-developers] Missing functions

Lothar Scholz scholz at scriptolutions.com
Thu Jun 2 18:36:46 EDT 2005

Hello Jim,

>> 3) Give a detailed description of a GEM.
>>    Simply dumping a YAML file of the Specification is a easy hack but
>>    it's not what people want to see, especially on a front end. So a
>>    more readable output (like the "dependency" which is already
>>    implemented) should be implemented.

JW> Ok, I hear you.  There's a lot of information in the gem.  Any thoughts on
JW> how you would like to see it displayed.

My idea would be BlueCloth formatted text output.
I will now write my own subroutine to get the data out of the specs. But i'm
scared that this will be out of date soon, so i would prefer a better looking
and maintained format.

JW> Although, if you are doing a front end, I would imagine the YAML would be
JW> what you want for easy parsing.

>> 4) Update should also work on individual gems or list of gems.
>>    Updating all gems is too restrictive as it results in unwanted
>>    garbage on your disk and huge downloads.

JW> The update command should work for invidual gems.  Are you having problems
JW> with it?

Okay it was just a documentation problem. Seems to work now

is telling me something else. But this documentation has a lot of bugs.
Is it a wiki or can someone give me the email address of the
documentation maintainer ?

Best regards,
 Lothar Scholz                mailto:scholz at scriptolutions.com

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