[Rubygems-developers] Missing functions

Lothar Scholz scholz at scriptolutions.com
Thu Jun 2 16:13:59 EDT 2005

Hello rubygems-developers,

as i'm currently writting a Ruby Gems Frontend for ArachnoRuby i run
into a lot of problems.

First i found the following things missing:

1) Specifications for Remote Gems are not retrievable

2) "gem check" seems not to work for individual file as
   i can't set a gemname. But why do we then have a --version option ?
   It is very important to run unit tests and other checks (alien
   files) on a specific gem.

3) Give a detailed description of a GEM.
   Simply dumping a YAML file of the Specification is a easy hack but
   it's not what people want to see, especially on a front end. So a
   more readable output (like the "dependency" which is already
   implemented) should be implemented.
4) Update should also work on individual gems or list of gems.
   Updating all gems is too restrictive as it results in unwanted
   garbage on your disk and huge downloads.
Can this feature be put on the TODO list for future versions ?

Best regards,
 Lothar                          mailto:program at scriptolutions.com

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