[Rubygems-developers] Roadmap for version 0.8.12

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 10:13:23 EDT 2005


Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts, and donate a couple of cents :-)

> > (A) There is a date in the gemspec.  Should the algorithm use the
> >     gemspec date, or the date of the file in the file system?
> I would use the gemspec date.

Wouldn't you then be relying on gem authors doing the right thing?
Wouldn't it be better to track when the gem file was actually uploaded
to the system and you started tracking it?

> * All gems uploaded in the last M months are directly available.
> * At least min(N,V) versions of a gem are available (where V is total
>  number of versions uploaded)

I'd also suggest keeping the last minor version of each major version
series. E.g. RedCloth - keeping 2.0.11 as well as the last 3 versions
of the 3.0.x series.

Also, should we check dependencies before archiving? You may have a
particular version for a gem that you want to keep, but it still
depends on another gem with a version you want to archive.

Last thing: maybe also check for download statistics before archiving?
Maybe we should keep any version that was downloaded in the last X
months, and only archive it after it hasn't been used in a while. This
will obviously change between gems.

Since that's about all I can contribute for now (at least until I get
Pimki2 out), so feel free to ignore my jabbering.


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