[Rubygems-developers] [ANNOUNCE] RubyGems Release 0.8.11

Lothar Scholz scholz at scriptolutions.com
Thu Jul 14 10:53:04 EDT 2005

Hello chad,

Thursday, July 14, 2005, 10:38:47 PM, you wrote:

ccc> Yea, though it was a case where rubygems was generating rdoc for a "super
ccc> gem" whose only job was to cause other gems to be installed (over
ccc> simplifying), so it actually makes no sense for the gem in question to
ccc> have rdoc docs.

ccc> Agreed, though it actually _does_ require effort on the part of the gem
ccc> author to not allow rdoc to be generated.  If you don't put "has_rdoc", it
ccc> will generate rdocs.  The only way to make it NOT generate rdocs is to
ccc> explicitly set has_rdoc to false in your gem spec.

Even for those the decision should be left to the user. If he uses
"--force-rdoc" on the command line, he want to see rdoc pages, even if
they are empty which just makes clear that this is a "super gem".
And if the gem author really care about documentation it will show a
nice html page that tells the user what this gem is and why it
disables some of the rdoc features, but simply forbidding everything
is not good behaviour and definitely not what is expected by

Best regards,
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