[Rubygems-developers] Running a gem server

Hugh Sasse hgs at dmu.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 16:40:25 EDT 2005

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005, Jim Freeze wrote:

> I reversed the roles of machines A and B.
> So, the problem is probably when gem_server
> is run on the mac. The port 8808 must be open

Does anything else WEBrick-ular work on the Mac?  It's that 503
error being temporary that has me puzzled.....  You are bound to
have tried several times with the port open....

I don't use Macs (just a fact of history rather than an expression
of opinion), so am not as familiar with their quirks as some.

If the problem can be isolated to WEBrick it might help. You could
coax more logging out of WEBrick for some illumination, maybe.


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