[Rubygems-developers] Running a gem server

Jim Freeze rubygems at freeze.org
Wed Jul 13 12:14:56 EDT 2005

I'm having trouble getting a gem to install from a local
server (machine to machine on our coporate net, both behind
a firewall). From what I remember, this use to work.

I have a gem installed on machine A and run gem_server.
  gem install <gemname.spec>

On machine B I type

  gem install <gemname>  --source

where is the IP of machine B.

The response I get is:

  gem install <gemname> --source 
  Attempting local installation of '<gemname>'
  Local gem file not found: <gemname>*.gem
  Attempting remote installation of '<gemname>'
  Updating Gem source index for:
  ERROR:  While executing gem ... (OpenURI::HTTPError)
      503 Service Unavailable

Any help will be appreciated.
Jim Freeze

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