[Rubygems-developers] Ruby doesn't see my Gems (n00b assistance)

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Jan 27 12:19:45 EST 2005

Peter Marreck said:
> Hi all, new (but eager) Ruby developer here.
> I got Rubygems up and running and installing some gems in a certain
> location, but my installation of Ruby (1.8.0) refuses to see them when
> I try to use the gems in code. So my (hopefully simple) question is
> this- How exactly does Ruby know where to look for these, and how can
> I point it to the right location? Is there a list of paths somewhere
> that I can edit?

Are you enabling RubyGems by either the -rubygems command line option or
the RUBYOPT=rubygems environment variable (see

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