[Rubygems-developers] Ruby doesn't see my Gems (n00b assistance)

Peter Marreck lumbergh at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 11:52:33 EST 2005

Hi all, new (but eager) Ruby developer here.

I got Rubygems up and running and installing some gems in a certain
location, but my installation of Ruby (1.8.0) refuses to see them when
I try to use the gems in code. So my (hopefully simple) question is
this- How exactly does Ruby know where to look for these, and how can
I point it to the right location? Is there a list of paths somewhere
that I can edit?

The installation is on an OS X machine and I installed Ruby via Fink
(since the stock Apple Ruby install is 1.6 and I'd rather not
overwrite it for now). I've changed my PATH env variable to look for
Ruby in /sw/bin first, and "ruby --version" returns "ruby 1.8.0
(2003-08-04) [powerpc-darwin]", so it's using the correct version. (At
some point I will overwrite this one with a compile of 1.8.3, but
haven't gotten around to that yet.)

Thanks for any tips. Due to all the Rails buzz, I can't wait to start
playing with it... but I need to get Ruby to see it first!


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