[Rubygems-developers] packaging binary executables / etc

Patrick May patrick at hexane.org
Sat Feb 19 02:59:11 EST 2005


I am working on the next release of Narf.  This release of narf will 
contain a customized version of the ruby interpreter[1].  The Narf 
build scripts currently do a fine job of:

   if windows
     using a pre-compiled binary
     compiling a new binary
   installing this binary next to ruby.

I saw these attributes in the gemspec:


But I wasn't sure if they would fit my needs.  Narf.c embeds ruby in a 
web-customized executable.  That executable is (and must be) a binary.  
How would I package the narf interpreter with a gem?



1. You need to get into the interpreter to a.) run as a cgi and b.) 
report syntax errors in cgi-scripts to the browser.

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