[Rubygems-developers] Good new on authenticating proxies!

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 20:48:42 EST 2005

> Assaph, I noticed that you changed the http.head() call in
> RemoteSourceFetcher to be http.get().  Was that required for your fix?
> The http.head() call was used to avoid downloading the entire remote
> source if it hasn't changed.  I'm afraid things would get slower if we
> went back to http.get().

That is the essence of the fix :-)

For some reason going thru this proxy kept timeing out of #head, but
#get fixed it. I've just tested this as:

resp = begin
rescue Timeout::Error

which works. This will not slow down normal users, and still allow
NTLM user to function (plus we can blame the proxy chain fro the slow
down :-). Unfortunately we can't know if we need to do this or not by
the proxy parameters only. The only other solution i can think of is a
--use-http-get command line option.


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