[Rubygems-developers] Good new on authenticating proxies!

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 18:30:09 EST 2005

Hi Guys,

Finally made gems work through our Corporate NTLM Authenticating Proxy!
There are two issues:

1. NTLM Authentication
    I installed http://apserver.sourceforge.net/, which is a local
proxy (on my machine) that does the NTLM authentication with the
corporate one. I just point gems etc to this proxy as a
non-authenticating one. It's written in python, but I won't hold it
against it :-)

2. Gems patch
    I still got an error using gems through the proxy. The attached
patch fixes this (done against CVS head).

While this is pehaps not an ideal solution, it provides a workaround
for anyone who's behind an NTLM proxy.


ps Re the error that was reported on ruby-talk with installing
rubygems-update (Zlib::BufError), I get the same error. It's gems
0.8.4 (or latest CVS), ruby 1.8.2  (2004-11-06) [i386-mswin32] with
the 1-Click installer on WinXP. I know ZLib is installed and working
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