[Rubygems-developers] Ruby's --with-site-dir and Rubygems' gem_path

Mark Hubbart discordantus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 01:29:11 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Sorry in advance for my long-windedness. I've been working on this for
a long time, and I was unable to find a good solution on my own.

I'm working on a project that configures and compiles a customized
Ruby install. As part of this, the site_ruby directory is moved to a
separate location (using Ruby's --with-site-dir=path configure
option). This badly confuses the RubyGems setup, which then chooses a
strange place for it's gem_path.

Is there a way to fix this? The easiest solution (I think) would be to
add an option to RubyGems' setup.rb that would allow specifying a
gem_path. Because of the project being the way it is, I can't use the
GEM_DIR environment variable.

I'm trying to work out a patch the the Gem.default_dir method that
would give the same result for normal installations, while still
giving reasonable values for unusual configurations. Until it gets
figured out (by me or otherwise), a --with-default-gem-path configure
option for RubyGems would be a great solution.

I will happily do whatever's needed of me to make this work; say the
words and I'll submit a patch :) I feel that the project I'm working
on (the mac ruby framework project) will be an extremely important
project in the future, but it will require RubyGems' setup process to
be as flexible as Ruby's is.

Thanks much for all the great work you guys have done on RubyGems :)


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