[Rubygems-developers] 0.8.10, various matters.

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Sat Apr 16 09:36:08 EDT 2005

On Thursday 14 April 2005 07:12 am, Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng wrote:
> I have just tried to install Rubygems on a Windows98 box.
> Because I wasn't using gem update I looked for an INSTALL file in
> the tarball.  There isn't one.  README doesn't contain installation
> instructions.  May I suggest we add something like this for now?
> A proposed INSTALL file:

I just added the following to the README file:

== Installation

Get it from RubyForge (http://rubygems.rubyforge.org) and run (as root, if 
appropriate and necessary)

  ruby setup.rb

For more details and other options, see:

* {User Guide/Installation}[http://docs.rubygems.org/read/chapter/3]

I also updated the installation chapter in the RubyGems document to reflect 
the extended directions for installing in an alternate location.

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