[Rubygems-developers] Any suggestions for the RubyGems Presentation at RubyConf

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Sun Sep 26 19:16:39 EDT 2004

On 26-Sep-04, at 1:48 PM, Jim Weirich wrote:

> I'm putting the final touches on my RubyGems presentation at RubyConf. 
> I'll post an address for the entire thing early this week.  But in the 
> meantime, here is a rough outline.  I welcome suggestions and comments 
> (but I remain the final arbitor of content).
> The Many Facets of RubyGems ...
>   facet — noun
>    1. one part of a subject, situation, etc. that has many parts
>    2. one of the small flat surfaces cut on a precious stone
> * The Demo Facet
>   * We start fast with some live demos of functionality.  (We are
>     using rails-like movies here)
> * The User Facet
>   * What the average user needs to know about rubygems.
> * The Developer Facet
>   * What a library developer needs to know to create a gem package.
> * The Internals Facet
>   * We examine some of the "behind the scenes" details of gems.
> * The History Facet
>   * Where gems came from, what inspired them, and other background.
> * The Future Facet
>   * Share some of the plans for RubyGems in the future.
> * The Reference Facet
>   * Web sites, documentation, mail lists, etc.
> I'm shooting for an arbitrary number of 8 facets for the talk (for 
> aesthetic reasons ... depending on whether I have time to get a 
> particular graphic working the way I want).
> As I said, I will post the full presentation for review early this 
> week, but if there is something big missing, feel free to kibitz.

Looks great.  The one thing I would add (though you may plan on it) is 
a call for participation:  the message that the more gems we have, the 
more useful the whole thing is.  I'd like to see everyone at RubyConf 
create gems from all of their libs and give us feedback on what needs 
to change to make it easier/better.  Face-to-face, we can probably make 
at least a start at a lot of improvements with the right feedback.  
I'll volunteer my time in between the sessions at RubyConf to help 
authors make their gems.

I'm really looking forward to this.


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