[Rubygems-developers] Two feature requests

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Thu Sep 23 08:28:15 EDT 2004

Mehr, Assaph wrote:
> In this case I am concerned about distributing applications, and not
> libraries. The target audience is also different: not (paranoid)
> developers. If people choose to install my app, they are likely to trust
> me and my code. At that point I want to give them a nice integrated
> solution, something that will install the app on their system as a
> regular application.
> The app-gem-installer currently has 2 modes: One which generates an NSIS
> script, from which I can generate and .exe installer (and pack the gem
> within it); and second which is a ruby script that does all the
> shortcuts, file-associations etc.
> What I want is simply to allow running this as a post install step.
> Never underestimate coveniences and leaky abstractions. They tend to be
> powerful with myriad usages. Just look at Ruby ;-)

Maybe it would be better if your app-gem-installer was run as the top-level
script and just used rubygems with in it. That way you are in control and
can run any pre or post installation steps you like.


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