[Rubygems-developers] I am an idiot

Eivind Eklund eivind at FreeBSD.org
Fri Sep 17 05:58:13 EDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 12:35:26PM -0400, chad at chadfowler.com wrote:
> It appears that the Windows issues we're seeing today are because I
> somehow didn't release the most recent change from CVS (we fixed a windows
> bug last night).  I'll fix this by tonight, but if anyone else has the
> time, have at it.  We can either do a 0.8.1 or just overwrite the files
> that are there and have people upgrade.

My vote is also for 0.8.1 (or 0.8.0p1, or something.)

Speaking on behalf of users and re-packagers everywhere: Overwriting
releases is the most evil thing you can do, release-engineering-wise.  A
particular version number should ALWAYS be a unique identifier.

I generally send mail to maintainers whenever I see this having
happened, and I'm usually quite annoyed when I send them (though I try
to keep the tone nice, as I know that these things are done with the
best intentions.)

Oh, and you're not an idiot: You just made a mistake.  These things


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