[Rubygems-developers] empty source_caches issue?

Chad Fowler chad at chadfowler.com
Thu Sep 16 06:32:42 EDT 2004

On Sep 16, 2004, at 1:31 AM, Thunfisch wrote:

> Hi,
> I just noticed that there's a problem with empty source_caches files in
> rubygems 0.8.0. Somehow my source_caches file was empty after the last
> rubygems update. I tried gem list --remote, but gem exited with this 
> error:
> -- *** REMOTE GEMS ***
> ERROR:  While executing gem ... (NoMethodError)
>     undefined method `has_key?' for false:FalseClass
> I made a patch which should solve this problem. I'm still new to ruby, 
> could
> someone please take a look at it?
>  Thanks.

Thank you very much for the patch!

Can you tell us what platform and ruby version you are on?  Also, did 
you download the 0.8.0 release before or after my ruby-talk 


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