[Rubygems-developers] Renaming a gem

Jamis Buck jgb3 at email.byu.edu
Thu Sep 16 00:23:27 EDT 2004

I recently changed the name of the SQLite/Ruby gem from "sqlite" to 
"sqlite-ruby" (which it ought to have been from the start). However, 
I've noticed that the old gem continues to be downloaded... Some of 
those downloads may be legit--someone may really need an older version 
of the software. However, I suspect that many are people either doing 
"gem update" or just "gem install sqlite" when they really want the 

Any suggestions as to how to help make it clearer that the sqlite-ruby 
gem is the newer version of the sqlite gem?

- Jamis

Jamis Buck
jgb3 at email.byu.edu

"I use octal until I get to 8, and then I switch to decimal."

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