[Rubygems-developers] [OT] Config clash

Mehr, Assaph (Assaph) assaph at avaya.com
Wed Sep 15 20:42:48 EDT 2004

>> It's not *really* ready.  It'll be a 0.0.1 release: useful, but young
>> and prone to rapid change.

> Then'd I'd consider packaging it as 0.0.0 ;-)

And you should both read:

What's with the 0.0.1? MS gave a bad name to 1.0 versions, and since
then every open-source developer treats 1.0 as the holy-grail. It has
the basic funactionality working, but you still want to hammer some
details, that's a 0.5 not an order of magintude less 0.0.x.

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