[Rubygems-developers] gem list correct?

Gavin Sinclair gsinclair at soyabean.com.au
Mon Sep 13 06:52:27 EDT 2004

> Below is the output from 'gem list -r' on my work computer right now.
> It seems a bit small.  Is it correct?  Where's 'activerecord', for
> instance?
> Just checking before the release and all...
> Gavin

I've narrowed down the problem to one line.  I'm using a modified
remote_installer.rb, with the "fetch_sources" method reproduced below:

    def fetch_source(source)
      say "Updating Gem source index for: #{source}"
        require 'zlib'
        yaml_spec = fetch(source + "/yaml.Z")
        yaml_spec = Zlib::Inflate.inflate(yaml_spec)
        yaml_spec = nil
      yaml_spec = fetch(source + "/yaml") unless yaml_spec

      File.open('yaml_spec1.dump', 'w') { |io| io.write(yaml_spec) }

      spec = YAML.load(yaml_spec)        # testing this line

      File.open('yaml_spec2.dump', 'w') { |io| io.write(spec.to_yaml) }

      raise "Didn't get a valid YAML document" if not spec

The isolated line (spec = YAML.load(yaml_spec)) is the problem. 
Logically, you'd expect the contents of yaml_spec1.dump and
yaml_spec2.dump to be very similar, but they're not.  'ls' shows:

   620506 Sep 13 20:33 yaml_spec1.dump
    51229 Sep 13 20:33 yaml_spec2.dump

yaml_spec2.dump is what 'gem' believes the remote source contains, hence
the problem described in the parent post, and hence I can't install rake.

  $ grep -c rake- yaml_spec1.dump

  $ grep -c rake- yaml_spec2.dump

I've attached these files as generated on my machine, which, by the way, is:

   ruby 1.8.2 (2004-07-31) [i386-cygwin]

In order to force the yaml.Z download, I remove the "source_caches" file
each time I try to run the command 'gem install -r rake'.

This is obviously a big problem and I've no idea why it's happening.  It
could be a YAML thing, but my Ruby is not old.  I don't think this happens
on my home machine, so it could be a verion-of-Ruby thing.  Could you guys
test it on your machines?

Sorry this email's so incoherent; I've been trying to fix this for hours
now and have run out of time.


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