[Rubygems-developers] Wiki Spam

Jim Weirich jim at weirichhouse.org
Thu Sep 9 02:06:44 EDT 2004

Austin Ziegler wrote:
> 4. RSS. I can't figure out Kou's RSS module, and while I can
>    definitely use the existing templating library for this, I have
>    other issues that need consideration for this (our RecentChanges
>    format isn't conducive to RSS syndication).

This might help: 

> Finally, about your point (C). I don't see that it's practically
> feasible. Even within Ruwiki's default pages, I have pages that have
> multiple external links. [...]

The RubyGems front page has eight external links itself.

 > [...] Is your proposal for the addition of more
> than two external links at an editing session? Or more than two
> period? It's not so easy, though, because Ruwiki supports some
> standard Ruby conventions: [ruby-talk:12345] points to the sample
> message :) Well, sort of, since ruby-talk.org is under maintenance
> and has been for a while :)

The [ruby-talk:12345] links shouldn't be a problem.  I doubt that 
spammers will be generating links to the talk archives.

Here's a slightly different idea inspired by Gavin ... Exclude bare 
external links altogether.  Any edit submission will be rejected if it 
has a bare "http://blah" on the page.  Instead, allow non-standard links 
(such as the ruby-talk example above).  Perhaps a format like 
[link:onestepback.org] could be used.

The downside is that users won't be able to use bare links (but then 
neither will spammers).  This approach should work until RuWiki gets 
popular enough to to be scrutinized by spammers.

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